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Something about me

I learned the visual language of images from a young age.  My parents frequently brought my sister and me to the legendary galleries and museums ​of Manhattan during their heyday in the 60's and 70's.


Inspired by this exposure and by the cultural explosion of imagery and art of my youth, I chose to study the history of French photography and film at UC Berkeley.  Upon graduation, I tried to ply my trade in San Francisco in the mid 90's, to find that, in order to further explore this visual language, I needed some technical experience. This brought me to study Commercial Photography at Brooks Institute, where I discovered my love of capturing the human spirit; portraiture.

I love environmental portraiture, people - especially children and families.

I love being outside in people's favorite places - beaches, gardens, deserts, mountains, forests, plains, trees, rocks, sky, sea, streams, parks, paths, clouds, fog, rain - at play or at work - I love it all!

Some of my clients include Apple, Sky Network, Der Spiegel, The Bay Guardian, Via, Square, JFK University, Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, Loudcloud, Forgerock, Sybase and others.

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